News from Northwest Territories

News from Northwest Territories


Team NWT has been attending the Canada 55+ Games since 2004. Over the years we have had participation in 5 pin and candlepin Bowling, Bridge, Cribbage, Scrabble, Mens hockey, Swimming, Golf, 8 ball Pool, Darts, Tennis, Curling, Cycling, Horseshoes and Lawn Bowling.

What’s new? We have recently formed NWT 55+ Games Association. The goals are:

  1. To maintain membership in Canada Senior Games Association
  2. To facilitate members’ attendance at the Canada 55+ Games
  3. To encourage seniors to participate in sports and recreation
  4. To promote the benefits of an active lifestyle for seniors.

We hope that this organization will increase the number of communities providing participants, as well as the number of participants attending the Games. In the future it may even be possible to hold Territorial Games in the years between the National Games if we can find a way to overcome the obstacle of high travel costs.


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