Hosting Our Games

Hosting Our Games

Many provinces/territories have organized associations for seniors that have been in operation for years. For example, the Saskatchewan Senior Fitness Association was formed in 1984 as a voluntary non-profit group.  was set up to promote and encourage an active and healthy life style for seniors and has done so by putting on fitness workshops in different centres of the province and organizing Senior Games on a biennial basis.

Downloadable Documents:

  1. Updated November 2022 – 2026 CSGA Bid Guidelines
  2. Sample Host Agreement

The Canadian Senior Games Association has provincial/territorial association members in all areas of Canada with the exception of Nunavut and Newfoundland and Labrador. Through these associations the CSGA has over 500,000 members.

The games are modelled after the Olympics in that municipalities interested in hosting the games submit a bid to our board of directors. Our games are held every 2 years. To ensure that the games are held in different parts of Canada the CSGA have split Canada into the Western, Central and Eastern sections and rotate the games between these sections. For example, the 2018 games are being held in the Eastern section, the 2020 games will be awarded to the Western section and the 2022 games will go to the Central area.

Make up of each section is as follows:

  • Western-Yukon, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta
  • Central- Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario
  • Eastern- Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia

The games have proven to be very popular and as such are growing with each set of games. Municipalities are very interested in hosting because of this popularity but also because of the economic impact and the lasting legacy the games have on an area, one legacy is that they tend to jump start the senior community for many years to come.

In addition to the games themselves all participants are given the opportunity for social inter action through opening and closing ceremonies, a banquet, nightly entertainment, dances, etc.

Although by the very nature of the games is to declare a winner or winners the aspect of winning is secondary to the social side of the event which we try to emphasize. Winners by the way receive a gold, silver or bronze medal.

If your area in interested in hosting the games please feel free to contact us at any time, we will be happy to provide you with any information requested.